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Why Should You Use Restrict User Access?

Smart website owners, developers, and supreme team leaders love Restrict User Access, here’s why

Unlimited Access Levels

Create an infinite number of levels, and add as many restrictions and capabilities as you need.

Multiple Levels Per User

Need a user to be member of several distinct levels? No problem!

Restrict Content & Contexts

Restrict access to posts or pages, posts in a category, pages by an author, or any context you want.

Permit & Deny Capabilities

Extend users’ capabilities in WordPress by adding or removing them on a level-basis.

Sync Levels with User Roles

Already using custom roles for WordPress access control? 1-click Synchronization.

WordPress Membership Durations

You control whether a level membership lasts days, years or indefinitely.

Restriction Shortcode

Fine-tune WordPress restrictions and control exactly who can see what in your content.

Drip Content for New Members

Increase engagement by unlocking access to content and contexts after a set period.

Hide Nav Menu Items

Display select nav menu items only to users in authorized levels.

Hide Custom Widget Areas

Widget areas created with Content Aware Sidebars can be shown or hidden for select levels.

Redirect Unauthorized Users to Any URL

Non-members trying to access restricted content can be redirected to any page or URL.

Real Hierarchical Levels

No need for confusing digits to mimic hierarchies, simply let a level extend another.

Tease Excerpts of Restricted Content

Instead of redirecting unauthorized users, show them the excerpt and hide the rest.

Developer-friendly API

Use the simple API to e.g. add or remove user levels, or to restrict specific code in your theme.

Robust and Secure

The plugin follows best security and coding practices, and administrators can never be locked out.

Made For WordPress

Restrict User Access looks and feels like WordPress and doesn’t rely on 3rd party services.

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What Jedis Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what people say about Restrict User Access

Amazing plugin, saved me big time

This plugin rocks for restricting BP profiles. I think it’s the only one on this planet which does that, at least I couldn’t find any other. Thank you for making it. Highly appreciate.

Better than all with more installations

It just works out of the box. Don’t need to purchase any pro features. Saved me a morning of trawling through other plugins. Thank you!

Robust Plugin + Amazing Support

This is a very robust and highly configurable plugin for restricting (or granting) access to content. To top it off, Joachim provides top-notch support — super fast response time with detailed, helpful comments and answers. Thanks for the great plugin!

Great plugin!

I was looking for a plugin with custom user access levels, and this one is the best I’ve found, it works great, and it’s easy to configure!


I’m really impressed with how easy to use this is and how solidly it works. Love that I can hide things from the menu. Love it.

Easy to use and does an excellent job

Amazing that this functionality isn’t in WP core – it’s exactly what I needed.

Thanks for bring in this plugin Joachim

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