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Don’t just take our word for it, see why Content Aware Sidebars is the preferred WordPress widget area plugin.

Best Sidebar Plugin. Period.

You will try many sidebar plugins and you will end up with this beautiful solution, trust me. Save yourself some time and try it. It works perfectly!

Thank you!


The Content Aware Sidebars plugin gives me another tool for customization of both my own website and that of my clients.

Reliable, Intuitive, Powerful

This plugin is great for customizing sidebars dynamically based on page content. It’s robust – providing multiple layers of conditions to pinpoint exactly what content should receive which sidebars.

Essential. Reliable. Adds much needed flexibility to WordPress sites.

I’m very conservative about plugins, and generally use as few as possible. Content Aware Sidebars is almost always one of them. It makes it easy to vary sidebar content throughout a WordPress based site.

Excellent Plugin – Worked Perfectly

I was in search of a lightweight plugin that would allow me to place widgetized areas in targeted areas of a client site, and Content Aware Sidebars answered the call. Works perfectly– easy to figure out, solid documentation.

A must-have for any site

Outstanding plugin! Content Aware Sidebars is a tremendous help for large websites where one has to manage and organize a lot of content.

Adds a whole new level of flexibility to your navigation structure. You can add sidebars wherever you want — or not!

Support is outstanding. Joachim is friendly, prompt and knowledgeable when responding to questions — of which I have had a couple.

I strongly recommend!

Wouldn’t know how to do without

Content Aware Sidebars adds an important function to WordPress, I’m using it on every WordPress site I have to care about. Also the developer is very committed to this plugin.

Works Perfectly

I am having to fix some seriously broken sidebars on a very large website, and this plugin just made my life SO SO easy!!! Really an amazing tool.

Very good plugin, extremely useful

This is an excellent plugin. There is no need to write much, because it works exactly as advertised. The free version is certainly usable and useful. It works perfectly and is reliable. All in all, highly recommended! Great thanks to the developers for this fantastic plugin.

Game Changer For Your Readers!

This plugin works exactly as said and seamlessly integrates with wordpress. I use DIVI as my theme and I LOVE this plugin. It’s a game-changer for my readers because they are no longer looking at the same sidebar on every post.

Great tool! Helped me a lot!

I need to show different sidebar for different pages and this plugin makes it much easyer. Now I have a great overview of the sidebars and the content in each of those.

Great Plugin

Even usefull for categories. I needed a plugin which puts a sitebar in a catgory. A catgotegory that is integrated in my menu. Content aware sidebars is the only plugin that works with my categories!

Solved a problem for me!

Needed to create a Private area on a Public Blog; the sidebar enabled me to configure two different environments very nicely. Thanks.

Best of its kind

I have actively used several plugins designed to perform a similar function, and this one is the best so far. I’m going to be redoing the sidebars of several sites using this plugin.

great plugin and good documentation

I really like this slick plugin. It lets you customize the sidebar to match the pages. It is easy to use and works 100 percent of the time. I have had no problems with it. I install it on all my sites I work on.

Helped me out of a jam

I admire your plugin and all the work you’ve put into it! With it I am able to create unique sidebars for different pages, a very professional user experience!

Thank you.

Works great

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Works like a treat and with a little bit of effort you can truly customise your sites sidebars with any combo you might need.

Rare gorgeous quality and capabilities plugin

Very rare in its quality and capabilities, a gorgeous and intuitively clear plugin that works great and saves time. I am very satisfied with its use!

Very good plugin

This plugin is very useful for SEO and easy to use. It works reliable and I never had any problems using it.

Very useful

I needed a quite simple way to customize different lessons on a wp lms. This plugin do the job !

Rated #1 WordPress Sidebars Plugin In 2024

Don’t just take our word for it. With more than 1 million downloads, Content Aware Sidebars is the perfect solution for you.

Worth it’s weight in gold.

This plugin saves so much effort if you want to create context sensitive menus in sidebars. Brilliant, thank you.

Great plugin and even greater support

This plugin if very useful and easy to use, but most of all the support provided by Joachim is amazing!

Target your sidebars like a laser!

Content Aware Sidebars lets you have laser-like precision to display just the right sidebar wherever you choose. Great job!

Ready to design and display widget areas the easy way?

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