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You can now make any of your sidebars and widget areas sticky.

What Is A Sticky Sidebar?

A sticky sidebar, also called a floating sidebar, means that its widgets and content will start to follow the screen when you scroll up and down on a page. It is sometimes mistaken for a fixed sidebar, and while sticky and fixed elements are similar, this is how they are different:

  • A fixed element will always stay in the same place on your screen, even when you start scrolling. An example of this is the WordPress Admin Toolbar that is fixed to the top of the screen when you are logged in.
  • A sticky element will only start to follow the screen when it enters it, and it will stop once you have reached the bottom of its parent element.

You can say that a sticky WordPress sidebar behaves like a fixed sidebar when it’s visible on your screen and like a normal, static sidebar when it’s not visible.


Why Use Sticky Sidebars & Widget Areas

Content in sticky sidebars and widget areas tend to have higher engagements and CTRs (click-through rate), simply because they are displayed to the user longer than static sidebars. This makes them ideal to display information that is relevant to the main content of a page and as lead funnels. Many WordPress sites use sticky sidebars to display newsletter signups, advertising, table of contents, and generally to boost conversions and increase sales.

To increase the effectiveness of the sticky sidebar, it is important you’re careful about what content you display in it and how you design the sidebar. Avoid information overload and maintain a great user experience design.

Many website owners don’t realize what hidden potential their sidebars have, and by having sticky WordPress sidebars you are already one step ahead.


    How To Create Sticky WordPress Sidebars

    With Content Aware Sidebars you can create new sidebars and widget areas and e.g. display them on different pages, or insert them as shortcodes. Then, with a single option, you can make each of them sticky! It does not get much simpler than that.

    Yes, there are other sticky WordPress sidebar solutions already, but they are unfortunately all dependent on jQuery or provide subpar results. Here is why Content Aware Sidebars Pro is better:

    Start creating sticky WordPress sidebars and widget areas today.

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