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Content Aware Sidebars Pro makes it possible to design widget areas and add responsive WordPress widget columns. This feature uses optimized and minified CSS on demand to make sure that your widget areas look beautiful in all modern browsers.


You can add up to 12 widget columns for each sidebar you create, and you are no longer limited by the restrictions set by your theme. No need to have a widget area for every column in your footer.



In addition to widget columns, some of the design options you can customize are:

  • Widget Area
    • Columns
    • Cell Gap
    • Background Color
    • Padding
  • Widget
    • Background Color
    • Padding
    • Border Width
    • Border Color
  • Text
    • Text Color
    • Title Color
    • Link Color
    • Link Hover Color


Easily select the number of widget columns you want and make a creative widget area design. Combine this with the Custom Markup & CSS Styles Feature to get full control over your widget area layouts.

Ready to design and display widget areas the easy way?

Psst... This is a conditional widget area built with Content Aware Sidebars