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Easy Digital Downloads + Content Aware Sidebars

Take advantage of targeted widgets on your e-commerce site

Use custom sidebars to present big sales or great deals, to display recommended products or more info, and in general to optimize conversions and increase revenue.

Content Aware Sidebars fully integrates with Easy Digital Downloads out-of-the-box.

Start Creating Your Own EDD Sidebars

Display a new sidebar or widget area on any page in 60 Seconds or less.

Sidebars For Different Downloads

Display custom sidebars on all or specific download product pages!

You can select or add new sidebars directly from the screen where you edit the download. Start creating your own Easy Digital Downloads sidebars right now.

And you don’t have to edit any theme templates.


Screenshot of Product Sidebar for Easy Digital Downloads

Sidebars For Different Download Categories

Display custom sidebars on downloads in the Marketing category, Freemium tag!

Content Aware Sidebars automatically supports all the categories and tags you create for your downloads.

Tailor your widget areas to your prospects and customers.

Screenshot of Taxonomy Sidebar for Easy Digital Downloads

Vendor Sidebars for Easy Digital Downloads

Multiple people adding downloads to your e-commerce site?

Maybe you run a digital marketplace and want the sidebar for top sellers’ products to attract attention.

When creating an Easy Digital Downloads sidebar, just select the user whose downloads you want it to be displayed on.

It’s really that easy.


Screenshot of Vendor Sidebar for Easy Digital Downloads

EDD Sidebars For Any URL Pro

Target your widget areas for specific URLs – including wildcards!

That’s right. You can display different sidebars for your affiliate links, for products having a given keyword in their name, or depending on what your customers’ search queries are.

The possibilities are endless.

Screenshot of sidebar for select URLs

Oh, and one last thing

You can combine all these conditions on every Easy Digital Downloads sidebar you create.

And there’s so much more.

Rated #1 WordPress Sidebars Plugin In 2024

Don’t just take our word for it. With more than 1 million downloads, Content Aware Sidebars is the perfect solution for you.

Worth it’s weight in gold.

This plugin saves so much effort if you want to create context sensitive menus in sidebars. Brilliant, thank you.

Great plugin and even greater support

This plugin if very useful and easy to use, but most of all the support provided by Joachim is amazing!

Target your sidebars like a laser!

Content Aware Sidebars lets you have laser-like precision to display just the right sidebar wherever you choose. Great job!

Ready to design and display widget areas the easy way?

Psst... This is a conditional widget area built with Content Aware Sidebars