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Meet Content Aware Sidebars

The Best WooSidebars Alternative

Blazingly Fast Sidebar Plugin

Is WooSidebars making your site slow?

Content Aware Sidebars is built to scale and excels in performance no matter how many sidebars and widget areas you create, or how big your site is.

More Display Conditions

Tired of the limitations in WooSidebars?

Content Aware Sidebars is praised by users for its unparalleled sidebar and widget visibility options. Create conditional sidebars for literally any page without extra code.

Actively Maintained Plugin

This is not just another WordPress sidebar plugin.

Our innovative features take widget areas to the next level. Content Aware Sidebars gives you full control over how, when, and where you want to display widgets.

Switch To Content Aware Sidebars Today

Create a custom sidebar or widget area for any page in 60 Seconds or less.

Compare Features With WooSidebars

No matter what plan you choose, Content Aware Sidebars is packed with features and is the best alternative to WooSidebars by WooCommerce.


Full Feature BreakdownCAS ProCAS FreeWooSidebars
Add Unlimited Widget AreasYesYesYes
Add Unlimited Display ConditionsYesYesYes
Replace, merge, or hide any Theme SidebarYesYesNo
Create & add sidebars on post editYesYesNo
Enhanced Widget Manager & 1-click ActivationYesYesNo
Custom Markup & CSS ClassesYesYesNo
No coding requiredYesYesCustom Post Types might need extra code
Widget Area ShortcodeYesYesNo
Optimized For Large SitesYesYesNo
Customizer SupportYesYesNo
Built-in Support For Popular PluginsYesYesNo
Activation & Deactivation ScheduleYesYesNo
Time & Weekday ScheduleYesNoNo
Sticky SidebarsYesNoNo
Insert Sidebar as WidgetYesNoNo
Automatic Widgets BackupYesNoNo
Widget CleanerYesNoNo
Duplicate Widget AreasYesNoNo
Widget Area Designer & ColumnsYesNoNo
Infuse Widget Areas into Theme HooksYesNoNo
Insert Areas After ParagraphsYesNoNo
Display ConditionsCAS ProCAS FreeWooSidebars
Front PageYesYesYes
Search ResultsYesYesYes
404 Not Found PageYesYesYes
Page TemplatesYesYesYes
Blog Page & Post Type ArchivesYesYesCustom Post Types might need extra code
Author ArchivesYesYesNot individual author archives
Posts, Pages & Custom Post TypesYesYesCustom Post Types might need extra code
Content with Tag, Category, or Custom TaxonomyYesYesIndividual categories only
Taxonomy ArchivesYesYesIndividual categories only
bbPress Profiles, Forums & TopicsYesYesForums & Topics only, might need extra code
Content written by AuthorYesYesNo
BuddyPress Profile SectionsYesYesNo
Pods PagesYesYesNo
Any Combination Of ConditionsYesYesNo
Date ArchivesYesNoAll Date Archives only
Posts from any day, month, yearYesNoNo
URLs + wildcardsYesNoNo
Referrer URLs + wildcardsYesNoNo
BuddyPress Group PagesYesNoNo
Advanced Custom Fields dataYesNoNo
User VisibililtyCAS ProCAS FreeWooSidebars
All UsersYesYesYes
Logged-in UsersYesYesNo
Restrict User Access LevelsYesYesNo
WordPress RolesYesNoNo
Author of ContentYesNoNo
BuddyPress GroupsYesNoNo

Rated #1 WordPress Sidebars Plugin In 2024

Don’t just take our word for it. With more than 1 million downloads, Content Aware Sidebars is the perfect solution for you.

Worth it’s weight in gold.

This plugin saves so much effort if you want to create context sensitive menus in sidebars. Brilliant, thank you.

Great plugin and even greater support

This plugin if very useful and easy to use, but most of all the support provided by Joachim is amazing!

Target your sidebars like a laser!

Content Aware Sidebars lets you have laser-like precision to display just the right sidebar wherever you choose. Great job!

Ready to design and display widget areas the easy way?

Psst... This is a conditional widget area built with Content Aware Sidebars