Adding members

Restrict User Access uses the built-in WordPress Users to handle level memberships. No new database tables are created, and any user can be member of multiple levels.


    Add users manually

    A user can be added manually to a specific Access Level from the Level Edit screen or from the Profile screen in the admin panel. If the level has a duration, the membership will become inactive after the time has passed.

    An Access Level can also be added automatically to all new users on the site, simply go to User Access > Settings and select the default level for new users.


    Member Automations

    Levels can be added automatically to your users based on something they do (Triggers) or something they are (Visitor Traits). The main difference between these two types of automations is that triggers will add the level to the user permanently, whereas traits will only add the level to the current user temporarily.


    • If you want to quickly deny access to all logged-out users, you could use the Login State trait
    • If you want to grant access to users who purchase a product, you could use the WooCommerce Purchase trigger, and set the level duration to 1 year.


    Here is a breakdown of the functionality each type supports:

    OptionTriggersVisitor Traits
    Access ConditionsYesYes
    Level DurationYesNo
    Content DripYesNo
    Can Remove User ManuallyYesNo


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