Adding members

There are currently two ways a user can be associated with a level:

  • Add the individual user as a member
  • Synchronize the level with a User Role


Good to know: Users can be a member of multiple levels simultaneously.


Add individual users

A user can be added manually to a specific Access Level from the Level Edit screen or from the Profile screen in the admin panel. If the level has a duration, the membership will become inactive after the time has passed.

An Access Level can also be added automatically to all new users on the site, simply go to User Access > Settings and select the default level for new users.


Sync with a User Role

Synchronizing a User Role with an Access Level means that all users with that specific role will automatically become members of the level as well. The duration of the membership is indefinite, as long as the user has the synchronized user role.


Good to know: It is also possible to synchronize with All logged-in or logged-out users.
Note: Synchronized levels do not support drip content (unlock time for new members).


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