Extending a level

The Access Levels you create in Restrict User Access are real hierarchical levels and can extend each other. When a level extends another level, it will automatically inherit all the Access Conditions and Capabilities from it.

This means that if a user is a member of level A, and level A extends level B, then all content restricted by level B will become accessible to the user as well.


How to extend membership levels

Let us say you have two Access Levels, Gold and Silver. You want your members of the Gold level to be able to see content restricted by the Silver level as well.

  1. Go to User Access > Access Levels and click on edit for the Gold level
  2. Go to the Options tab
  3. In the Extend dropdown, select the Silver level and click Update

Your Gold level now inherits all the Access Conditions and Capabilities from your Silver level. You can create as many hierarchical levels as you want, e.g. Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum.


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