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Sidebars For Different Pages

Dynamic, tailored widget areas and footers.

Do you want to display a sidebar on select posts, pages, custom post types or taxonomy archives? How about on all posts:

  • in a special Category?
  • with select Tags?
  • … and written by a featured Author?

Then you will love this.

Screenshot of sidebar conditions

Unlimited WordPress Sidebars

Create, activate, and just add Widgets.

Add as many custom sidebars and widget areas you want, and display them on as many different conditions you want. It only takes a few clicks in the easy-to-use sidebar manager, and you never have to write a single line of code.

Screenshot of Sidebar Manager

Content Aware Sidebars for Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

Add new widget areas for custom post types, taxonomies, and plugin-specific content. No add-ons needed.

Create Easy Digital Downloads Sidebars

Create WooCommerce Sidebars

Create BuddyPress Sidebars

Create Custom bbPress Sidebars

Create WPML Sidebars

Create Custom Sidebars For Pods Framework

Create LearnDash Sidebars

Create Polylang Sidebars

Create Sidebars for Layers

Works With Your Theme

Your sidebars will not be lost on theme switch.

Content Aware Sidebars is theme-agnostic and seamlessly integrates with any existing sidebars, which you can replace, merge with or even hide. And with the optional Shortcode and Template Tag you can display custom sidebars literally anywhere on your site.

Screenshot of WordPress Themes

Optimized For Large Sites

Your WordPress sidebars will always be fetched blazingly fast.

Where other sidebar plugins slowly evaluate conditions one by one for each sidebar, Content Aware Sidebars has been developed with scalability in mind. Despite the powerful conditions, it leaves a tiny memory footprint and excels in performance.

Screenshot of plugin database queries

Automatic Widgets Backup Pro

Widget management has never been more worry free.

Have you ever updated or deleted a widget on a live site on accident? With a revision of every change, it only takes seconds for you to easily go back and restore sidebar widgets as they were.

Screenshot of widget revisions

Start Creating Your Own WordPress Sidebars

Display a new sidebar or widget area on any page in 60 Seconds or less.

Additional Features

Yes, you get all these features and more in Content Aware Sidebars.

Activation & Deactivation Schedule

Create a custom sidebar and manage its widgets today, then let it activate and deactivate later.

Select Sidebars on Post Edit

Select sidebars or create new ones when you’re editing a post, page, or custom post type.

Extensive Documentation

We have all the guides you need to get started and become an expert in Content Aware Sidebars.

Sidebar Visibility for Roles Pro

Display sidebars only for certain users. Great for access control on membership sites.

Sidebars For Any URL  Pro

Target your referrer links or advanced search queries. See all included conditions.

Time & Weekday Schedule Pro

Display your custom sidebars only in set time ranges. Perfect for open business hours.

Enhanced Widget Manager

Instant search for widgets and sidebars, better widgets listing, and 1-click Sidebar Activation.

First Class Email Support Pro

The average response time is currently only 1.5 hours! We are here to help.

Sync Widgets Across Themes Pro

When switching themes, widgets will remain active in their custom sidebars.

Customizer Support

WordPress Core integration means that custom sidebars also can be managed in the Customizer.

Robust and Secure

The plugin follows best security and coding practices, and harmful code cannot be injected into condition logic.

Multilingual And Translation Ready

Translated into several languages thanks to amazing users from all over the world. Help translate into your language!

Disable Any Widget Pro

Disable the WordPress widgets you don’t plan to use. Saves memory and removes clutter.

Duplicate Custom Sidebars Pro

Save time and duplicate your widget area and all of its conditions and settings with one click.

What People Are Saying

Worth it’s weight in gold.

This plugin saves so much effort if you want to create context sensitive menus in sidebars. Brilliant, thank you.

Great plugin and even greater support

This plugin if very useful and easy to use, but most of all the support provided by Joachim is amazing!

Target your sidebars like a laser!

Content Aware Sidebars lets you have laser-like precision to display just the right sidebar wherever you choose. Great job!

One of my favorites!

This plugin is easy to understand and even if you have just a bit of trouble to master it at first, once you get it you will use on every project. It is really that great!

By far this is one of my all time favorite WordPress plugins.

Best Sidebar plugin out there

This is by far the best side bar plugin I have ever used. I have tried many others, but they are either too clunky, not very powerful or too complicated.

This one is easy to use, works on all sorts of post types and very powerful.

Love it. Finally found my sidebar plugin. Thank you!

This is the most essential plugin for my entire site

I absolutely love this plugin. Content aware sidebars, allows me to easily control a list of menus presented to viewers. I’ve organized it in a way to help my viewers understand where they are on the site and easily see other content that is related to their current context.

Create Custom Sidebars Professionally

Over 400,000 people have used Content Aware Sidebars to add the widget areas they need.

Why don’t you?